Hello there kitty cats & sharky sharks! My name is Curtis Ray Meade, and I’m already grateful you were curious enough to wander in here to take a peek at what I’ve got going on, and I’ll do my damnedest not to waste your time. Since I appeared on this plane of existence the year our lord nineteen hundred seventy one, I have made it my modus operandi to wring the joy out of every second I’ve been given. My aim here is to record, and share those memories, and plans for future shenanigans to inspire, and entertain,(or at least to remind myself to choose worthwhile pursuits in the name of new goodness).

These days the enemies of joy abound, and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t apply my clown makeup,(literally, and figuratively) to meet them on the battlefields of every day life. It’s possibly a bad analogy given the gut-wrenching examples of human trash that have adopted The Joker persona when committing atrocities, but I BELIEVE in the power of clowning in earnest, and love nothing better than making people laugh. So long as there’s an opportunity like this to put it out there, well you bet I’ll be bouncing my clown-shoed feet in the most fun direction possible.

I’m also eaten alive with anxieties, and insecurities like many of you, which means I’ve typed this out a couple times, and deleted it for fear of looking foolish. Somehow I’ve managed to do a lot despite that, and I credit it to the good many people I’ve surrounded myself with in this life. Because of them, I’ve been brave enough to somehow sing for rock bands that gave me the opportunity to create music to share in empty,(sometimes half-full!) dive bars across NE Ohio! This pandemic has postponed that activity I cherish for well over a year now, and what I wouldn’t give to be hollering terrible jokes, and screaming my lyrics at a handful of disinterested barflies right now.

Dungeons & Dragons has been a fixture in my life for decades as well, but unlike being a rock singer, this quarantine has allowed some adjustments that have taken this creative diversion of mine to whole new levels. As a sort-of luddite member of Generation X,(it sounds cool, but it’s not) I’ve always held my nose over the notion of online exchanges being ACTUAL social interaction, but as with many of our antiquated notions I was wrong. Over the past year, I have spent more time consistently playing D&D than EVER! Although I love the tactile euphoria associated with my mini’s, maps, and rolling actual dice, it’s way better to routinely gather in virtual spaces with friends to play this beloved game that has brought so much joy my way. Hundreds of hours of role-playing later, and I’m sold on it, so there’ll definitely be more said about this in future posts.

I don’t know how you, gentle reader of this blog, are weathering the challenges these difficult times present, but I’m planning on showing up here weekly to share a bit of how I’m figuring out how to transcend mine. Are you hiding from, putting off or pretending that tackling those problems isn’t necessary? Yeah, me too, but maybe if I continue to reach out here, and articulate my adventures in running from my problems, it’ll make it easier to emerge disgusted, and ready affect some purpose-driven changes.

I’m excited at the prospect of joining forces with the rest of these curious folk here at Kittensharks, and I look forward to sharing what we’re collaborating to produce together. Thanks for reading this missive, and I hope you stay tuned for what’s to come!

Yours in truth,


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