Reading with Zelda: A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea written by Michael Ian Black, illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea, Michael Ian Black & Kevin Hawkes

In preparing for the extremely exciting release of Michael Ian Black’s new book, You’re Not Doing it Right, I decided to read or re-read any of his books that I had missed during the long, long wait until February 28, 2012.  Luckily, almost everything is available for Kindle Fire and I had a long trip on MegaBus to do nothing but read or sleep.  And I can sleep when I’m dead!

A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea is a delightful picture book for children that teaches a valuable lesson: pigs are bad at parades.  Mr. Black is able to categorically refute any claim anyone could ever have to the contrary, which is important because kids often have silly ideas about things and adults need to stop them from being idiots.  They can’t do it on their own yet.  As for adult readers, the writing style is perfect for a children’s book but manages to keep that something special we have come to expect from Mr. Black while keeping clear of the explicit and acerbic wit over which he is king.

The illustrations are fantastic!  I can’t think of anyone who could better draw the words in this book.  Moreover, the pictures are lovely little stories on their own even for children who want to thumb through the pages but can’t read the words on their own.  This is definitely a book that holds up for all ages in that respect; whether it is simply a picture book, a book someone reads to a child or a book read alone, it is sure to please.

Pick this up at your local bookstore or wherever/however you buy books.  I don’t care if you have kids or even if you know any.  Get on it.  NOW.  And don’t forget about this!

A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea by Michael Ian Black and Kevin Hawkes