A Worthy Cause

Hey, friends.  It’s time for us kittensharks to take time out of teaching you how to be cool, how to be an asshole and all of the other delightful things we bring to you and focus our energy on something really important: getting Kenny Pickto Netroots Nation.

Kenny Pick

I will leave it to the good people at Democracy for America to explain what Netroots Nation is, but having already shown you what a great dude Kenny is, I’d like to ask if you would take a minute of your day and vote for him to attend.  The competition is for a scholarship, which Kenny deserves more than anyone.  He is an amazing advocate for the working class and for anyone who has ever felt like exploding their brains because of what goes on in today’s politics and the world in general.  He has an amazing capacity for sniffing out interesting news and bringing it to us all for free.

All you have to do is go to this website and add your name to the list.  It requires your email, which is never shared, and that’s all.  Please take a second to do this.  If you use twitter, tweet @kenpickles and let him know you’ve got his back.  Tweet @zeldamacgregor and I’ll tweet that you’re awesome.

Tune in to Turn Up the Night with Kenny Pick!

Kenny Pick & The Doctor


My friend Kenny Pick is a man of wonderful talent and humor; he hosts a live show every Tuesday and Friday at 7PM, and you should check it out. Turn Up the Night with Kenny Pick is a delightful and intelligent show that mixes politics, music and other awesomeness every week!  For free!  Check out today’s promo in Kenny’s own words:

It’s Friday! Don’t miss the latest party edition of Turn Up The Night with Kenny Pick! Tonight Tom Shafer, Debbha Kel, Raine Koch & I welcome back two of our favorite people! First up, Tony Nicholl of DAYLIGHT ROBBERY will give us the UK perspective of American politics and what US news has been filtering through the BBC. Then, audio deity, Mike In Raleigh makes his return to TUTN to chime in on the latest nonsense from the GOP. A Potential Bonus: If she’s free, Susan Ensor may share her musings on the possibility of getting pregnant while holding an aspirin between ones knees. I’ll leave it at that. Join us LIVE from 7-10PM EST on Radio or Not, Talk Radio one and Progressive Blend Radio or visit…

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