Live Tweeting Matlock

Today I live tweeted episode “The Godfather,” 1993.  This episode of the television classic, Matlock, is a tale of two rival families joined in wedlock and a lot of stupid sports competitions that someone doesn’t handle very well as well as an exciting look at another married couple’s problems.


1:06 PM Oh, Ben! You didn’t realize Leanne was inviting ALL THOSE PEOPLE over for a wedding reception! She got you! #Matlock

1:07 PM “Keep it up, Fred. You’re gonna look all the more stupid when I win the Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Competition this year!” #Matlock

1:10 PM “You listen to me and you listen good.  You don’t take the whole platter.  You take ONE cookie.  One.  Got it?” #Matlock

1:12 PM Did #Matlock just accuse his daughter of beastiality a little bit?

1:13 PM Bachelor party!  That’s quite a lot of nudity for 1993 on NBC. #Matlock

1:18 PM Why is Ben’s neighbor wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates hat in Atlanta? #Matlock

1:20 PM “I did not kill Brad; I swear.” And now we’ll spend about 30 minutes finding out who did.  Ben always knows by the top of the hour. #Matlock

1:22 PM Girl with an upset stomach + random mention of OBGYN = Mark my words, an unwanted pregnancy! #Matlock

1:22 PM CALLED IT! #Matlock

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