Jason unloads some Nerd Rage on you all

I’m going to let you in on a very poorly kept secret. I am a huge nerd. Most of my friends are nerds. Some of them are even dorks. There’s nothing wrong with it. It just means that my hobbies revolve less around physical competition and a lot more around space ships and wizards.

I was a latecomer to 2nd Edition AD&D. When it comes to roleplaying games she was my first. She was both brainy and beautiful, complex and colorful, but with classic tastes. Our wonderful relationship was short lived, and doomed from the start. She was stuck in her own time, and with each passing day it became more and more of a long distance relationship.

Just as I was getting used to everything, understanding all the complexities and details of the lovely 2nd Edition, Wizards of the Coast slapped me upside the head with 3rd Edition. Easy, slutty 3rd Edition. The one that would be used by everyone. I hated it. It seemed like the entire world was rapidly embracing this fantastic piece of garbage. Continue reading