My 5 over 50. A revelation. For America.

For my inaugural post to KittenSharks, I’m going to reveal some truly, deeply personal information, for I feel that this is an introduction, and I believe that when one is presented with an introduction, they should drop some truly personal information on the unsuspecting douchebag to which they are being introduced, so that one has the advantage of being a more welcoming and personal friend than the other. Take that, new friend! That being said, I’ve decided to open up about a subject that most people wouldn’t normally touch upon.

Now, if you were to look at the “following” page on my twitter account you would probably not believe me in the slightest, but I believe that in some instances, that there are many women of truly striking beauty and fabulousness who are over the age of fifty. Actually, if you checked my twitter account you would find that the people I talk to the most are my best friend, a dude who is almost definitely as weird as I am, and a pair of teenage girls who won’t see their 20’s until long after I am dead. (I’m reasonably certain the lifestyle I lead will end with an unfortunate death in less than 2 years.) Continue reading