Jason (Baller Member)

A triumph

Jason isn’t really a person so much as he is an idea. That idea is that he is a person. He likes pizza, rum, Nintendo, and watching Superman Returns on AMC even though it sucks.

Jason lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the birthplace of lying about how great your historical monuments are. His claim to fame is that he used to work with the guy who rolled down the hill across from Plymouth Rock in an orange construction barrel. He definitely felt like he was the smartest guy in the workplace that day! He also thinks that Kate Bosworth was a terrible choice for Lois Lane.

While Jason does enjoy the flavor of Nacho Cheese Doritos, he knows deep in his heart that Cool Ranch is the better flavor, and will defend that position to the death, up to and possibly including his own death. Recently, he has spent much of time wondering which flavor of Doritos the characters in Superman Returns would have preferred, and has decided that none of them were quite the “Cool Ranch Crowd” that one would want out of their superhero movie characters. For shame.

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