Zelda (Baller Member)

Zelda is an exciting personality and an avid row-boater.  She enjoys beer, kittens, black bean tacos, several television programs and being right.

She currently lives in New England with her friend and fellow kittenshark, Jason and her delightful but racist cat, The Senator (alias Kitten). She also has a boyfriend, Nick, who is so far not a kittenshark, but not because he thinks kittensharks are dorks or anything, just because he is not as funny as us and doesn’t understand the Internet.

When Zelda is not helping produce Kitten’s cooking program, engaging in fights with trees or littering, she enjoys traveling between train stations and kittensharking with her fellow kittensharks.

Find Zelda:

Contact Zelda: zelda@kittensharks.org

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