Ashley’s Reaction to Game of Thrones (Red Wedding)

Red WeddingA few months ago, I started the game of thrones with Zelda and Jason since all errrrbody does is talk about how frickin’ great it is. Well…… I do not agree with the general public. THIS SHOW IS FUCKING WEIIIIIRD. So now I am giving this show a second chance but this time i feel like i should commentate it. So here we are watching Season 1 episode 4 skipping over episode 3 because the title and summery sounded dumb.

-There is a midget
– All the actors on this show have squared shaped faces.
– WOW that mole is HUGE
– I now know how to sword fight because of the dudes in front of the castle, i think that was a castle idk they never showed the whole building.
-*Take a sip from my nice ice cold UV blue and seltzer water.*
– What i never understand about shows based this far back in history is how their hair looks so clean. Bitches didnt have shampoo about in the 1400’s or whenever the hell this is based.
-Hey like 5 minutes in there havent been any bro & sis sex scenes. Maybe this show does get better from here on out.
– No shit you’re a coward tubtub
– Ew he just spit everywhere. Thats gross.
– **gulp gulp alcoholic beverage**
-Theres no way her hair can be that naturally light. They had bleach in the 1400’s??
– Ok now, here is a bro sis sex scene. I will never actually like this show.
– Jking Zelda just corrected me.
– Shes pouring hot wax on him. Oh.
– *drink more booze*
– *drink AGAIN*
– *Nothings really happening and i cant hear them so drinking again*
– Ok NOW Bro and Sis sex has been referenced
– before next episode i will find a drinking game to this provided by drinkiwiki. If i dont find a Game of thrones drinking game on drinkiwiki ill stop watching because if its not on drinkiwiki its not worth my time.
– Is that guy black? A black knight in the 1400’s? werent they still slaves everywhere.
– Potions. When did this become a witch tv show. I d be more interested if that was the case.
– What is the game of thrones anyways. I DONT GET IT.
– Who are these people.
-I can only recognize the wicked light blonde siblings and idek their names.
– Why is she balancing on one leg, your not shawn johnson ked.
– *Shit i havent drank in awhile. *GULP*
– BRRRRRR its cold there. Where the fuck in the world are they anyway.
– Are they on planet earth?
– OMG is this proof i havent been watching
– Well, now you all know i havent been paying attention. Whatever im over it i guess ill just have another drink.
– Ayyyy its tubtubs again.
– I guess Tubtubs name is Sam. I dont care if i know what his name is now. He will remain TUBTUBS.
– *drink* (7:51)
– That guy is walking like he has a peg leg i do not see a peg leg.
– Whores everywhere.
– Viserys is the wicked light blonde douche who was in the tub with that whore (she really is a whore though, she was (probably still is) a prostitute for 15 years) who i thought was his sister.
– Picnic tables picnic tiiiiimeeee.
– if i were to actually follow game of thrones i would be an alcoholic
– *GULP*
– Fuck my drink is almost gone and were only halfway through the episode.
– Now we’re talking about how were going to watch boardwalk empire after this episode. Sorry Game of Thrones fans but IDK how you watch this show. I have no idea what the fuck is going on. TOO MANY PEOPLE.
– Jeez i hope theres only like ten minutes left, i feellike this epside has been on all day.
– There in a dungeon i think right now so im just going to reference GERMAN DuNGEEON PORN. Just because.
– This guys face looks like the midgets. I dont know what either of their names are.
– Unaturally white blonde chick looks like somebody punched her in the eye.
– Hey is kind of like the king richards faire right now
– There blood, i like this show. UGHGHHH OMFG THERES A GINGER IN THIS SHOW. If you look at my past articles, I DO NOT AGREE With Gingers.
– I have stopped paying attnetion for the past 8 minutes or so. So i still have no idea whats goingon
– Also this show is still going on. FUCK!

OMG its over, i hope yall enjoyed my view of game of thrones even though i am note sure what the fuck happened this episode. Welll i still am not a fan of this show but Zelda claims i will be and she HAS never been wrong but she may be this time. Keep tuned for my next article which will be on my sepcialty: DRINKING GAMES curiously of drinkiwiki ;).

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