Wait, what just happened? Something You May Know

Some of you may be shocked to find out that my posts on kittensharks aren’t supposed to be exclusively about making fun of things that Rob likes. Sometimes I write about things I used to like but pretty much can’t stand anymore. Today I’m going to write about a third type of topic: Something Rob likes that I am in complete agreement on.

Just lump this into the pile with Dr. Who and Lost already, Rob.

I don’t really know how it happened. It was all kind of a blur to me. Rob came to our place for what I had expected to probably be a night of watching Rifftrax or perhaps playing some Beerio Kart, when he blurted out that he wanted to join in some online trivia show. I can’t remember if I actually face-palmed myself or if I just really wanted to at the time. I’ve got nothing against trivia shows and nothing against things Rob likes (despite all evidence to the contrary on the latter), it’s just that when Rob gets into something, he gets into it in such an intense way that I’ll dislike it because I know it isn’t possible for me to enjoy it as much as he does. I secretly envy him. (Okay, it’s not a secret.)

The show is called Something You May Know. Rob tried explaining it to us, and since we are pretty much idiots we didn’t understand. After becoming frustrated and realizing he was wasting his time he said “Look, it’s a trivia show, it’s about super heroes tonight, and there’s prizes.” That’s when we understood that we were definitely playing. If there’s anything Kittensharks are good at, it’s thinking way too much about super heroes. Also, prizes!

Crystal just might be a #tweetlikerob situation.

Here’s how the show works, or at least worked in my one experience with it thus far. The topic of the next show is announced some ten days before the show airs, which is every other Wednesday. Between the topic announcement and the airing of the show, they’ll post some video clues to sort of give you a grasp of what aspects of the topic you should maybe brush up on. Then the show airs for 20 minutes, during which three questions are asked, and the first viewer to type the correct answer into the accompanying chat window wins a cash prize.

My favorite super hero was not mentioned. It’s okay, though. Not everyone gets Ollie the way I do.

During my experience there was an awesome pre-game where we had to make some dude named Ben laugh. We were challenged to come up with the funniest imaginary superhero/villain combination we could, and I took home a sweet $15 iTunes code because of my entry, Pre-Emptive Revenge Man! Let me restate: BEFORE I EVER ACTUALLY GOT TO PLAY IN THIS TRIVIA GAME, I WON A PRIZE. My reluctant participation radically transformed into a frothing rage of enthusiasm. I was sold… FOREVER.

The next twenty minutes in my place looked and sounded exactly like several montages from the movie Hackers, only with way less Matthew Lillard and definitely not enough Fisher Stevens. There was dramatic 90’s techno music (Juno Reactor all night, dudes) and we were typing into our many customized and themed laptop computers. In the end, we emerged both triumphant and exhausted, drenched in sweat and victory. Zelda dominated with a haul of $175 and a bonus $100 she got to give away, which she chose Rob to receive and he and I to split. At this rate the Kittensharks were making an effective $825/hr talking about super heroes.

Standard Trivia Team

Once the after party died down it was determined that we would definitely be back. It was an awesome experience and everyone should join in. Try it out next week on August 15th at 9 PM EST. The topic is the geocentric universe model, and definitely not youtube. See you there.

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