Gingers Should Not Date Other Gingers

The other day while Mr. Jason Bowie and I were on our weekly lunch break to Panera Bread, we parked next to a ginger couple getting into their car. This sight not only made me cringe at the sight of a ginger but question the relationship I just witnessed. The main reason why two gingers shouldn’t date is because their kids will be gingers. Being gingers, they each went through a difficult childhood so why would you set yourself up for your possible offspring to go through the same experience?

I don’t care if they give that kid the best upbringing anybody could ask for, they’re bad parents for having sex, getting pregnant, giving birth, and having their ginger child go through a harsh childhood of never having any friends, being harassed, and possibly wanting to kill itself.

Its common knowledge children who are left out throughout their upbringing from their peers are more likely to commit serious crimes including violence. Bottom line, gingers having babies is just setting up those children to go through the same hard upbringing as them and America’s crime rate will just continue to go up if gingers keep reproducing.

7 thoughts on “Gingers Should Not Date Other Gingers

  1. Like wow. What did I just read. That was pretty hurtful actually 🙁 I have red hair and I would not mind dating another redhead when I’m older… I mean it’s my relationship and nobody else can judge that. The worst part is when you’re talking about how they would get their children bullied and stuff. There is no such thing as a perfect family. Let me tell you I’m lucky where I live, people are freindly and have clean spirits and get a bad reputation if they are nasty. But when I read this I remebered nobody ever says anything to me about my hair in person, But this article in a way this is actually the real bullying, you might not even realise that. Sorry I dont get to choose when my feelings are hurt. So think twice and be more understanding. Sincerely, a ginger.

  2. Im not a ginger but i think its unfair that two ginger’s can’t date. I mean its there life and besides they shouldn’t be bulled just because of their hair color. To me ginger hair is cool I’ve always liked ginger hair

  3. I am going to make beautiful ginger babies with my fellow ginger husband. We plan to reproduce until my body gives out, so there! We gingers have the BEST genetics. Your just a spiteful generic loser that has ginger envy. Unless of course this is just a joke… in any case, it’s a bad joke. We gingers have been burned at the stake, killed and raped by haters and bible junkies all through history. WE SURVIVED and we are stronger than the world thinks. Gingers are some of the best people around and there’s no amount of hate in the world that will ever change that. So, suck it up buttercup. Gingers should be proud of their beautiful freckles, pale skin, and flaming hair that shines like golden fire in the brutal sunlight… Ahhhhh, I love gingers!! XOXOXO to you all!

    • Yeah i agree we have been tortured through the ages. WE should be able to marry who we want even if they are a ginger like us. For example grandma and grandpa are both GINGERS, so course my mom was a ginger but my father on the other hand had brown hair, and i ‘m GINGER recently engaged to another GINGER. So come on please let us choose who we want to marry.

  4. Oh, thank you for opening my eyes. I am a ginger and I had been planning to date another ginger that I have known for a long time. But after reading this, I no longer have any romantic feelings towards that person because they have the same hair colour as me. Thank you for opening my eyes. But, in all seriousness, you saying this is the same as saying that black people shouldn’t reproduce because THEY were treated harshly. I know that’s an extreme point of view, and you probably didn’t mean it like that, but that’s what it seems like to me. I was bullied by people because of my hair. Do you know what I did? I either ignored them or kicked their asses. It didn’t affect me in the way you described. Final message; think before you type.

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