Reading with Zelda: Prologue to Book Reviews & Why I Bought a Kindle Fire

When I got my Kindle Fire, one of the reasons I was all about it was that I travel a lot (mostly between Boston and Washington, D.C., which is like 9.5 hours on MegaBus), and I need something to do.  Carrying around several entertainment devices was getting painful, especially big heavy books.

Zelda’s real, live cat.

Books are also expensive, and they take up a lot of space that could also be used for other things that don’t translate into digital use very well like clothes or cats.  (I’m not trying to knock Purr Pals or anything; I love that game, but I love my real live cat more.

So, anyway, I got a Kindle Fire, and it was cool.  I’d obviously rather have an iPad, which is better by like, a million billion, but I don’t have the spare cash for that so, regardless of mixed comparison reviews, I think the Fire is a great alternative for less than half the cost.  Specifically, I enjoy the use of the Amazon account integration and the almost immediate availability of good books made to work with all Kindles and especially Kindle Fire.  They do a good job of suggesting shit you’d like (as do most sites) and allowing you to sample quite a good selection at the beginning before you make a purchase.  What I mean is, you get to read more than a stupid paragraph; they give you something to really chew on before cutting it off and saying you can buy it for more.  In my experience, if by the time I get to the purchase option I am thinking, “holy crap I’ll buy it but I wanna read the next page noooooow” then it is probably worth the usually $6-15 I have spent.

I have yet to be truly disappointed with a book Amazon suggests to me.  If I am annoyed with anything, it is a very specific problem I have with the strange availability of almost every single “Choose Your Own Adventure” title EXCEPT the one I want: the unicorn one, which, as almost everyone knows, is the only one worth re-reading.  But I digress.

Look, I realize I am coming in pretty late to the tablet book reading party.  I’ve messed with Nick’s iPad for the past year and only really played games or viewed web content.  When I first got the Kindle, the first thing I did was have my fellow kittenshark, Jason, make it all Android-y so it was easier for me to use (because I like it better than the bookshelf thing) and then I played games and watched Netflix.  I didn’t do a lot of browsing on the bookstore at first, but I am glad I finally did.  Better late than never, I suppose.  If you disagree, then fuck you and your opinion! (Just kidding, jerks. 😀 )

I look forward to my late-blossoming reviews of books you might have heard of.  But I read a lot, and if I didn’t hear of them, maybe you didn’t.  So enjoy!



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