Live Tweeting Law and Order

8:01 PM – Classic #LawandOrder opening!

8:02 PM – Classic Brisco!!! #LawandOrder

8:05 PM – In my #LawandOrder hierarchy, episodes with Abbie Charmichael are the highest. #yay

8:08 PM – Lol “Sports Rage” is the supposed cause of murder in this one.  Nice.  #LawandOrder

8:09 PM – “He was a great guy; everyone liked him.” Well, obvi not ’cause someone killed him, jackass.  #LawandOrder

8:10 PM – Brisco, calm down!  The guy was on the pot for 20 minutes because he had the runs! #poop #everyonedoesit #LawandOrder

8:11 PM – Imagine a guy dying where you are a security guard because you left to go get a lottery ticket.  You would be a dick.  #LawandOrder #lol

8:14 PM – You know what, car commercial?  You can just go fuck yourself. #LawandOrder

8:16 PM – #MurderSheWrote reference!!! #LawandOrder

8:18 PM – – “Sex Can Be a Real Scream” is an actual poster hanging up in the principle’s office at this school.  Awes.  #LawandOrder

8:19 PM – “You know how jocks can be; they think they own the world.  I was a chess player,” said the very feminine man. #pussy #LawandOrder

8:21 PM – That guy looks like he would kill someone with a hockey stick.  Which is what he did. #LawandOrder

8:23 PM – “We make our bourbon carefully.  Please enjoy it that way.” YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, MAKER’S MARK. #LawandOrder

8:25 PM – There’s Abbie!  Yay!  Kick his ass, Abbie!!! #LawandOrder

8:25 PM – Shut up, Defense Attorney.  Abbie doesn’t need to take your shit. #LawandOrder

8:26 PM – The police sound tech guy looks like a child molester.  #justsaying #LawandOrder

8:27 PM – When I grow up, I want to be Jack McCoy. #LawandOrder

8:28 PM – “Your client didn’t put his hand in a cookie jar; he killed someone!” -Jack McCoy #LawandOrder

8:29 PM – A hockey coach who thinks winning isn’t everything? THINK LIKE AN IDIOT, MUCH? #LawandOrder

8:33 PM – Ugh, Nora is in this episode.  I prefer Adam Schiff.  But I guess Nora is better than crazy Fred Thompson. #LawandOrder

8:38 PM – Colon Flow commercial.  GREATEST.  THING.  EVER!!! #bm #LawandOrder

8:41 PM – It’s WHOM, Jack!  Get your subjects and direct objects straight!!! #LawandOrder

8:44 PM – Lol.  Sports Rage.  #LawandOrder

8:52 PM – Testifying on your own behalf when you are using sports rage as a defense is retarded. #LawandOrder

8:56 PM – Sports Rage = PTSD?  lol ok. #LawandOrder

8:57 PM – “In our criminal justice system, we don’t hold people accountable for what they can’t control, even if we don’t understand it.” ASIF. #L&O

8:58 PM – Jack McCoy: Baller, capital “B.” #LawandOrder

8:59 PM – Sports rage didn’t fly with the jury? NO WAAAAAY! #obvi #LawandOrder

9:02 PM – Classic #LawandOrder ending: scotch.

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