Why I Switched from Kindle Fire to iPad

iPad with Keyboard Case.

Some months ago, one of my first kittensharks articles was a review of Amazon’s Kindle Fire; I discussed the purchase in terms of what made me decide to buy it instead of an iPad ($$$) and what I found useful about it in terms of my life and how I would be using it. These are pretty general terms for a review, and I still think that, at that time, I made the right decision. Things changed a few months later and I needed more productivity than the Kindle Fire could provide, so I was forced to make a change in devices. Here is the story about how and why I bought an iPad as well as a description of its usefulness to me.

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FYI, MASSACHUSETTS!!! Potbelly’s in Boston!

A girl and her Potbelly Sandwich.

It’s finally happening!  Potbelly Sandwich Shop is opening a location in Boston.  There is technically already an open location, but it is in the airport, so it would be a pretty expensive lunch if one wasn’t already planning on taking an air trip that day.  (That doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it.)

The opening date isn’t official yet, but I will keep you updated and eventually add a countdown clock .  In the mean time, check out the news page: Boston Opening.


Product Review- Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Not since I posted about my decision to purchase a Kindle Fire has kittensharks really talked about products or anything outside of food, sharks, fantasy, the Illuminati, etc., and I feel like this is an important facet to group blogging that we lack.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to review for my first product test until I saw a commercial for the Sally Hansen nail strips again.  These things have been in the back of my head since they first showed up; I enjoy nail color, but am very lazy.  Could they possibly be as easy and perfect for someone like me as Sally Hansen says?  These are the questions I decided to answer for myself and for you, the wonderful readers of kittensharks.  Here goes!

What the Product is For/What the Product Claims to Do

This product is to apply salon quality nail color or pattern with no mess or drying time that claims to last up to 10 days.

Review follows:

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