Reaction to Game of Thrones

So. Ive seen the first episode of Game of Thrones and that’s it. All I can say is there were some thing I could get behind like attempted child murder and others I counted like sister-banging.

I’m sitting in the central hub of all things important in Plymouth with two of my fellow kittensharks Ashley and Zelda with the smell of pasta and garlic wafting threw the air as I sip on a mixture of gin, cherry seltzer water and red bull, also known as my typing potion. What have I become?

I shall now press on and watch episode 3. Lord Snow. Go!

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Ocars. That Fat Cat.

So, for this article I’m going to try something different.  It’s going to be a semi-stream of conscious article written while residing at J.Bowies residence with Zelda and Dan. Like most things I write it will jump around, contain many typos, be poorly edited and be 90 percent bullshit.


I realized that I use the word “douche” quite a bit. Dealing with Hollywood makes this even harder where being one is a requirement to succeed. After consulting wordologist Dan Neff and a quick Google later I came up with a short list of words synonymous with douche. I’m going to try to make the follow paragraphs douche free.

The words I will strive to work into this alcohol fueled article are:

  1. Asshat
  2. Assclown
  3. Tool
  4. Jerkoff
  5. Scrote
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