Ashley’s Reaction to Game of Thrones (Delayed)

gotpicA few months ago, I started the game of thrones with Zelda and Jason since all errrrbody does is talk about how frickin’ great it is. Well…… I do not agree with the general public. THIS SHOW IS FUCKING WEIIIIIRD. So now I am giving this show a second chance but this time i feel like i should commentate it. So here we are watching Season 1 episode 4 skipping over episode 3 because the title and summery sounded dumb.

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Gingers Should Not Date Other Gingers

The other day while Mr. Jason Bowie and I were on our weekly lunch break to Panera Bread, we parked next to a ginger couple getting into their car. This sight not only made me cringe at the sight of a ginger but question the relationship I just witnessed. The main reason why two gingers shouldn’t date is because their kids will be gingers. Being gingers, they each went through a difficult childhood so why would you set yourself up for your possible offspring to go through the same experience?

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How To be Cool: Skateboarding

My fellow kitten shark, Jason, started this series on how to be cool. I felt it was indeed necessary to branch out with his idea and here I am now to explain how Skateboarding will make you cool.

First off though, you can’t just have any skateboard you buy from Target or Walmart, you need to go out and buy one of those ridiculously expensive ones like Element, Birdhouse, Enjoi, etc. Just google skateboard brands. Being cool isn’t something that comes free. You need that $70 deck and then all of those expensive parts. Which brings me to my next step, you must buy the parts separately. Buying everything all in one will just convince people you don’t know anything about the parts. So either put it all together yourself, or pay someone to do it for you. Paying someone is different than buying it all put together because it shows you have money, which is another way on how to look cool so its basically a two in one package.

Now that you have the skateboard, you need the clothes, which will involve more money. As long as you look like Pac Sun or Zumiez puked on you, your fine.

It doesn’t hurt to know how to skateboard unless you want to be one of those poser, and you can’t be cool if your a poser.

Once thats all set, just hang out at the skatepark from sunrise to sunset with other skateboarders and make sure people see you! Once you rule the skatepark feel free to conquer any public places like parks, parking lots, somebody’s front steps, ANYWHERE. Your cool at this point so you can do whatever the f*ck you want.

If you want to be cool, try out skateboarding.