Fake Steak Tip Tacos

Fake Steak Tip Tacos

Every Taco Tuesday needs a special taco, and I enjoy finding new and exciting ways to celebrate said fun day.  As a vegetarian, people tend to think the options are fairly limited, but they have come a long way from the once glorious, single delight of Taco Bell releasing the potato soft taco (and gotten better for you, I might add).

My favorite thing about this recipe is switching out sour cream for fat free plain Greek Yogurt.  The texture is velvety and the  nutrition is great, not to mention the (I think) better taste.

Nick is a huge fan of real meat, but even he really enjoyed these!

Half-assed recipe follows:

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Ashley’s Treat: White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecakes

Ashley's mini cheesecake.

Once in a while, the “NEED TO BAKE NEED TO BAKE NEED TO BAKE” urge takes me over.  Usually I’ll just make some cupcakes or something, but sometimes I want to try something new and different, especially if it will please a friend.  Fellow kittenshark Ashley loves cheesecake, and it just so happened that when I had this urge to bake something, it was almost Nick’s birthday; he also loves cheesecake.  Settled.  Gotta make cheesecake.

Since I’d never made a cheesecake before, I scoured the internet for the right recipe for me, and because I knew I wanted to make mini versions, I ended up using one I found at a wonderful site and only slightly adapting it.  Since she said it best, please check out Annie’s Eats for the full recipe.

A cupcake. (Phone pic.)

The adaptations I made were using Chocolate graham cracker crumbs instead of chocolate cookie crumbs (I don’t like Oreos), Natural Balance Vegan Buttery Spread instead of butter, Egg Beaters Egg Whites instead of Eggs and no salt.  It was still pretty tasty!  In fact, Ashely said, “This might be the best dessert I’ve ever had.”

I baked 4 mini cheesecakes in glass ramekin and made cupcakes out of the rest.  With future cheesecakes, I hope to have a more attractive looking final product, but all the different crap about how to know when your cheesecake is done had me pretty spooked.

If you want the recipe for the ganache seen in the first picture, click here.

Fake Chicken Sliders on Whole Wheat Smithwick’s Beer Rolls & Baked Hand Cut Sweet Potato Fries!

Fake Chicken Sliders on Whole Wheat Smithwick's Rolls & Hand Cut Sweet Potato Fries

This is by far my favorite Half-assed Recipe yet.  I love sandwiches and I love tiny versions of things, so this is a no brainer.  Obviously, you can substitute real meat for the vegetarian kind I use, but if you haven’t tried these delicious fake chicken nuggets yet, I strongly encourage you to give them a shot.  They are soy free and tasty!

This post will include three different recipes: one for the bread, one for the fries and one for an aioli.  Half-assed recipe follows:

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Product Review- Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Not since I posted about my decision to purchase a Kindle Fire has kittensharks really talked about products or anything outside of food, sharks, fantasy, the Illuminati, etc., and I feel like this is an important facet to group blogging that we lack.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to review for my first product test until I saw a commercial for the Sally Hansen nail strips again.  These things have been in the back of my head since they first showed up; I enjoy nail color, but am very lazy.  Could they possibly be as easy and perfect for someone like me as Sally Hansen says?  These are the questions I decided to answer for myself and for you, the wonderful readers of kittensharks.  Here goes!

What the Product is For/What the Product Claims to Do

This product is to apply salon quality nail color or pattern with no mess or drying time that claims to last up to 10 days.

Review follows:

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Suze’s PB & Choco Sammys (Gluten Free!)

Suze's PB & Choco Sammys

Susan, one of my best friends and a fellow kittenshark, can’t have gluten.  This is sad because most of the delicious foods seem to be riddled with it.  Everyone take a minute to reflect on how it sucks to be allergic to gluten.  Okay, thanks.  Anyway, since she recently sent me a care package and I have one to send her, aaaaand her birthday is coming up, I wanted to create a special treat that is delicious, easy to make and safe for the Suze to eat.

Nick and I set out to bake them tonight, and we were delighted with the final product.  These cookies are not only Suze-safe, but also almost criminally easy to make and very tasty.

Half-assed recipe follows:

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Lemony Greek Yogurt Sauce with Penne & Veggies

Lemony Greek Yogurt Sauce with Penne & Veggies

Tonight, we ate magic- magic in the form of pasta and veggies in a light, delicious sauce.  Mmm, mmm, good.  This is something I threw together randomly, so it is a fairly versatile recipe you can change as you see fit.  I imagine it would be good with fish or chicken if you are hip to that stuff; if you try it that way, let me know!  This dish was tangy and sweet and good all over; I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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A Worthy Cause

Hey, friends.  It’s time for us kittensharks to take time out of teaching you how to be cool, how to be an asshole and all of the other delightful things we bring to you and focus our energy on something really important: getting Kenny Pickto Netroots Nation.

Kenny Pick

I will leave it to the good people at Democracy for America to explain what Netroots Nation is, but having already shown you what a great dude Kenny is, I’d like to ask if you would take a minute of your day and vote for him to attend.  The competition is for a scholarship, which Kenny deserves more than anyone.  He is an amazing advocate for the working class and for anyone who has ever felt like exploding their brains because of what goes on in today’s politics and the world in general.  He has an amazing capacity for sniffing out interesting news and bringing it to us all for free.

All you have to do is go to this website and add your name to the list.  It requires your email, which is never shared, and that’s all.  Please take a second to do this.  If you use twitter, tweet @kenpickles and let him know you’ve got his back.  Tweet @zeldamacgregor and I’ll tweet that you’re awesome.

Fake Chicken Salad

Fake Chicken Salad Wrap

On average, I spend about 2-3 weeks at a time in Washington, DC then return home for 2-3 weeks, then go back.  During the time in DC, Nick and I enjoy making a variety of recipes– some old favorites and some new ideas.  Most recently, there was a day on which we could not decide what to eat that evening.  Neither of us wanted anything too heavy, but we didn’t feel like just having bread and salad, either.  Then, like a unicorn comes to a fair maiden, an idea casually trotted up to me and whinnied: chicken salad.  PERFECT.  A deliciously light, simple recipe into which one can put pretty much anything one likes.

One might think that as a vegetarian, I am unable to enjoy the deliciousness of chicken salad, and one would be mistaken.  As I have mentioned before, there is a plethora of meat substitute products that have decent nutrition and great flavor (enough even to please Nick, who is a happy meat-eater).  Whether you use real chicken or fake, I hope you enjoy this recipe.

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How to be an Asshole: Fun Ways to Annoy Your Boyfriend!

Like any girl in love, I know that there are times to be a good girlfriend and times to be myself (an asshole).  I try to maintain a healthy balance in order to avoid being too nice or being too big a jerk because either can result in disaster; the former will make Nick suspicious that I want something while the latter could go beyond him thinking my attitude problem is cute and make him break up with me and/or kill me.  There is a happy medium, and it is called “adequately nice.”  What do I mean?  I should think it is obvious, but I will explain.

Being too nice to people after having established that you are, as in my case, kind of an asshole, can hurt them.  How?  In Nick’s case, he is also an asshole, so he knows that if I am being a touch too sweet for too long and for seemingly no reason, I want something that will probably cost him effort and/or money.  In the case of other people, it could encourage false hope in their hearts that you have changed and are becoming a nice person.  This is worse than making Nick think I want something.  Don’t do that.  In the first place, I almost always do want something, so I’m not creating a false belief; in the second place, you probably aren’t going to change so why are you toying with people’s emotions?  (There’s being an asshole and there’s being a douchebag, douchebag!) Continue reading